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Yelp: A Great Way To Find Local Businesses

I love so it’s not surprising that I also love their app.  For those who don’t know, is a hugely popular website that allows users to do a local search for businesses and write/read reviews.  I find restaurant reviews to be the most useful but you can pretty much find reviews for any kind of businesses these days.

Available for free on the Android market as well as the iTunes store, this was one of the first apps I downloaded and used.  The app does a good job of giving you the look and feel of Yelp’s website.  

The landing page gives you simple navigational choices with the most useful tool being the “Nearby” option, which allows you to find businesses near your current location. 

Once you find a business, you’ll see all the contact information, specials if any, and reviews from fellow Yelp users.  You can use the “Check-In” option to see if other Yelp users are near you.

Another cool feature is the ability to draft reviews from your device. Many people forget to write a review once they get home. Plus, nothing is more authentic than unhappy (or happy) customers typing out their thoughts while their experiences are fresh on their minds ( i.e. the eye doctor who kept me waiting for over an hour will definitely regret that Yelp has this draft feature!).  The only limitation is that you must login on a computer to actually publish the review.  Overall, this is a very useful and must-have app.

Note: There are a few versions of the Yelp App: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, and Palm Pre, with slight differences depending upon your type of device. For review purposes, I’m using an Android Smartphone (LG Revolution).


The applications we recommend in our “Appsolutely Awesome” series have all been personally tested in real-life situations.  We sift through a lot of bad apps so you don’t have to and recommend only those that we find especially useful, practical or just plain fun!

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