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Writing from the Airplane :D!

Guess where I am guys? In the air!!! Yes, you read it right, I’m in a Boeing 737-800W towards home :D ! Norwegian was the first airline to introduce wi-fi internet in their planes in Europe. They started with it this year, I think. I’ve had the luck to be in these planes three times. It’s damn cool, even though the internet is pretty slow. Wonder what took so long for internet to get up in the air? Been waiting for it forever! But that’s probably cuz I’m such a frequent flyer. Anyways…

I wanted to explain something to you guys, forgot to do it earlier. I realized while I was talking to Lopa apu that I’m pretty different from you guys when I communicate, especially through the written word. I’ve been studying law since high school, and I don’t know if it happens to everybody but if you’ve been studying the same kind of subject/in the same kind of style for a long while, it takes a huge part in your life. Legal studies in Sweden means details. A single word in a law can change its complete meaning. I don’t know how it works in other countries, but Swedish law is literally literal. And after having been stuck with this for a while, I’ve developed a style of expression which puts a hell of a lot of value into the small words. I’ve realized that I’m misunderstood most of the time because of this; cuz people don’t notice the details as much as I do. Let me present you with an example here…

I think that most immigrants in Sweden are jobless.

Fact number one: This was an example, which means you can’t take it seriously (and in this case it wasn’t even a fact).
Fact number two: “I think”, means my opinion.
Fact number three: “Most” refers to a generalization. Now here’s a thing about me and generalizations –> I’m never 100 % serious when I generalize. Why? Cuz I don’t believe in generalizations. I believe that each and every person is unique. If I generalize, it’s something I’m saying very lightly –> I can’t present you with a logical explanation to my generalization. Or I’m joking. Or I’m simply frustrated towards a few people who belong to the “clung” that I generalized.
Fact number four: “Immigrant” only refers to people who actually immigrated, that is; not so called “second generation immigrants” (people who are born here).

This is a very… very small example of what I mean. But please, I request all of my regular readers that you read my posts carefully. Most of the times you guys misunderstand me cuz you miss the little words. I really wish I could adjust my posts to you guys but I don’t know any other way of expressing myself :( ! My addiction to details is what forms the basis of my perception of logic. I try as much as I can with the bolding and italics, but I don’t know how you guys read. Nevertheless, I hope that I could make you understand.

Thank you from the air :D !

The BEST holidays

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