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Would You? Mile Runners

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I enjoy hypothetical questions. Set up a scenario and certain conditions that apply to it (ie if where you lived was irrelevant; money was no object, etc.) and pose the question to some friends to see how they respond. It is an interesting way to gain insight on a person and me being a social person, I like to find avenues in which to pursue a conversation with said person. One simple question has often led to a lengthy discussion in my experience and a great time with someone close to me. I believe that this can translate well to the Internet and my “friends” out in the world and because of this, I am introducing a new section to my blog entitled “Would You?” Once a week, I will throw out a question. I promise that there will be no psychological mumbo-jumbo attached to any responses, I am just curious to see what people are thinking. Feel free to post a comment to the end of the post and let your opinions be known.

My inaugural foray into this section comes courtesy of my friend Dylan who sent me an article recently about Mile Runners. For those of you who are not familiar with this term, mile runners are people who intentionally seek out flights that will provide them with the most airline miles possible in order to enjoy luxurious perks of elite flyers (ie first-class seats, preferred status in airline lines during processing, access to airport lounges, discounted/free flights, etc.). There are even websites that list the most “mile-runner friendly” flights available for purchase. Now in some cases, these runners are businesspeople traveling around the globe on normal business. But more often than not, the runners are people traveling for business or pleasure that are employing this method of travel. Here’s an example: one man flying from London, Ontario, Canada to Detroit (a distance of 103 miles) earned 35 THOUSAND miles on his flight by booking a trip containing 29 stops in 8 cities (including Tokyo, Japan twice and Detroit a whopping 8 times).

Would You become a Mile Runner? Would it be worth it to you to carve out several more hours in your day/week in order to enjoy the finer side of flying, or would you get to your destination and be done with it?

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