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Winter Continues: Little Chena River

It is snowing again. Small white dots out my windows. The weather has been up and down for the last week. Cold then warmer then cold again (I should note our warm is 30-35 degrees, and our cold is single digits.). So the roads are a mess. This weekend we wanted to drive an hour or so out of town to go for a nice long hike, but based on road conditions thought better of it. So we stayed closer to home and hiked along the Little Chena River. The river crosses under Nordale Road, where we parked our car and started up stream.

Nordale has been made famous in my mind, because, as I am told, during moose season hunters slowly drive trucks down this road with guns out the window ready to shoot. The person telling me this story assured me that they only put guns out the side of the truck that faces the woods, not across the road into oncoming traffic, as if this would make me feel better. What about bikers? But I have to say, it is very Alaska. The only way I can really picture this is like a cartoon. I see Elmer Fudd hanging out the window of a truck and a moose, standing on its hind legs, peaking out from behind a tree giggling. Fortunately, moose season is over so my image never has to become any more real than Elmer Fudd.

We hiked up river, bushwhacking along the bank. In winter this is much easier, since the snow covers and mats down most of the small shrubs and grass. The river bends and curls and was starting to ice over in the shallower rocky portions. The trees hanging over near the banks were heavy with snow, and the woods was very quiet. The setting could have been the opening of a fairytale.

The BEST holidays

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