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Williamsburg, Virginia

Five years ago, in the summer of 2006, Marc and I packed up our Astoria, Queens apartment to move to Williamsburg, Virginia. I still remember bawling like a little baby on New Jersey turnpike– in part because we were leaving New York City and in part because Marc was driving a U-haul on the New Jersey Turnpike (frightening!). Little did we know, we were about to live in what would become one of our most favorite places in the U.S. (NYC still wins– but it’s not really a fair fight).

For this trip, we planned out ahead of time where we wanted to eat, drink, and visit.  A few of our favorites: The Green Leafe (1 & 2), Center Street Grill, Nawab, Tequila Rose, and…

BEHOLD! The magic that is the Cheese Shoppe in Williamsburg:

That, my friends, is a proscuitto and provolone sandwich. It includes sundried tomatoes and the Cheese Shoppe’s secret house dressing (tho Vanessa knows the secret, I won’t share it here). It’s reason enough to drive 5 hours to Williamsburg.

For this excursion, we went with two of our good friends, Nick and Vanessa. Vanessa was in my counseling program at W&M and we became friends when they both trained me to work at the Coffee Beanery in Williamsburg (where I lasted a mere three months, deciding that the only good coffee shop I’ll ever work in was Simplyummy right here in Winston Salem. But, I digress). Nick and Vanessa were the sort of friends whom I didn’t ask, “do you want to do something this weekend?” but instead, I asked “what are we doing this weekend?” For our two years in Williamsburg, we always knew we had weekend plans. Often it was hanging out at their place, watching movies or tv and playing Trivial Pursuit. But we were also known to go out on occasion to karaoke nights at the Hospitality House– which we did again this weekend.

Yes, if you are wondering, I did dance in my sling. I was that girl on the dance floor in a wrap around your body arm sling attempting to dance in a way only truly geeky white girls can understand. However, I am not confident enough to have let anyone snap a photo of it, so here is one of Nick and Vanessa on the dance floor instead:

This weekend, the Hospitality House directly followed a William & Mary Homecoming block party. I snapped this photo standing out on Richmond Road in the night:

It was during the block party and dancing at the Ho House (yes, that is the nickname for the Hospitality House) that several revelations of secret crushes from Nick and Vanessa’s undergrad year’s came to light. Not crushes that Nick and Vanessa had, but rather folks who had crushes on them came out to reveal themselves (amazing what a little alcohol will do for a five year old crush).  Much to their secret admirer’s dismay, however, Nick and Vanessa were wed two years ago in the Wren Chapel. It looked something like this, but in more wedding-y attire:

After we visited the wren,  I gave my keynote address.

Or we found a podium set up for an event and I pretended to give a keynote address wearing bluejeans and a sling. I really hope if I ever give a keynote address I look a bit more professional and have the full use of both arms.

I’m mixing up all that we did out of order, but we toured, we danced, we were old people one night and went to bed before midnight. You know, we did a lot of things.

I went to visit the Career Center at William & Mary, where I did my Graduate Internship in Community Counseling. When I was there, only three years ago, the Career Center was in the basement of Blow Hall– in what, I believe, used to be the swimming pool. My office was a former storage closet. Now, they have built an over $2mill Career Center. It’s quite possibly the most state of the art amazing Career Center I have ever been in. Here is me standing on the balcony of the Career Center that overlooks the football field (yes, the Career Center has not just a balcony, but a balcony that overlooks the football field!).

Vanessa and I also marveled over the newly built School of Education building– another place at W&M where I had a former storage closet for an office. It was stunning.

In the grand tradition of Groupons, we purchased one for mini golf in Williamsburg and almost forgot to use it. The Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf is the best mini golf course I’ve been on all year. And we’ve played in Burlington and North Myrtle Beach. Of course, I had to say “I’ve been on” because of the #@$*&# sling, I couldn’t actually play. I did keep score, sigh.  Here are a few shots on the course.

Nick, after a hole in one.

Nick, planking unexpectedly.

Marc and Nick in the stocks.

Much of the fun of the trip, however, was catching up with old friends. I was able to visit my former mentor, Sandy, who now works in the Business School. I got to see my favorite former professor, Dr. McAdams. We visited Brady and Brynna who are always fun to hang out with (and Brynna prepared for us one of the best meals of our trip). Angela and Dave came up from Portsmouth just to eat with us at IHOP (which made us all feel very special). And Katie (in the photo below) came in all the way from Germany (sort of) just to see us.  It was a great trip and reminded us of how much we all loved living in Williamsburg. Maybe one day we will move back.

The BEST holidays

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