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Why not Go Out in Style? Like, Marching Band Style

Here’s a little context for this over-the-top “I Quit” video, from the Youtube submitter:

1. I have another, better job already. So stop talking about that and worry about your own jobs.

2. I worked in this hotel for 3.5 years. I worked while going to school full time to pay my tuition and living expenses. This was not a job I had for two weeks before quitting in a hissy-fit.

The working conditions in the hotel are horrendous. In the kitchen, workers are regularly forced to work 10, 11, 14, 16 hour shifts that begin at 5:30AM and last well into the night. Housekeepers are reprimanded if they fail to clean 16 rooms or more in a 9 hour shift. Anyone who speaks up—especially anyone who is openly pro-union—is disciplined or fired. Managers, like Jared, scream down employees daily.

Check the Youtube link for more!

The BEST holidays

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