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When You Don’t Have Kitchen Equipment….

Morning all!

So yesterday I decided to make cupcakes for my flatmates. Sounds great, right?

We don’t have a muffin tin. What to do?


I went on a search but couldn’t find anything. Some little convenience store had a silicone one but it was for mini muffins, not the size I needed to make my Cupcakes from the mix that Greens sent me.

I was so excited for these, because my flatmates receive baked goods quite well, and it’s always nice to whip something up to sit nicely on the table (although they never stay for long)

Greens does some great things with their baking mixes. They have a creative baking line (from whence these cupcakes came), a kids line, and traditional line. They’ve got great seasonal cookies I’d like to make as well as sponge and scones I’d like to try my hand at.

They were kind enough to send me two mixes to try, Strawberry and Lemon, so I baked them both up!

All the Fixings

These were super easy. The information Green’s sent me said they take 12 minutes, and they were right!

All you need

You only need an egg and some butter. This was another experiment for me in baking with the metric system. 75g of butter? How much even is that?

Does that even look like enough?

I wasn’t entirely sure that that much batter would fit in the six cupcake papers that came with the mix. (an added bonus, you don’t have to buy them!)

But I haven’t got a muffin tin?

No muffin tin? that's okay!

I’ll just put them in a baking pan. They stand on their own, right?

Makeshift at its best

But they did, and I was so glad. I mean, they would have been tested, so who was I to worry?


I will spare you the messy details of how I got the frosting on, but lets just say, I’m pretty bad with a pastry bag. You are supposed to snip a hole in the corner of the frosting bag and put the nozzle in, but I just squeezed it all out the top. That was the Strawberry cupcakes, I frosted the Lemon ones by hand.


What you can’t see is the fun part. Remember the filling? That went inside the cupcakes. In the words of D, my flatmate,

“Oh my Hannah these are *bite* so good *bite*- oh wait, oh what? Is there something inside? *bitesmooshintoface* oh wow…nomnomnom”

Or something like that :) He liked them, let’s just say that.

Over all, total success. I even got requests to make more baked goods soon, so I’ll have to start looking around. They want to be surprised :)


Today is a pretty mellow day. Fridays I haven’t got class, but I’ve just been lazing around here this morning.

Just chillin’ with Marilyn;

Hello dahling

What? Your cottage cheese doesn’t have a face?

When in doubt, add nut butter

Of course I do. Always.

Hope you’re all having a great day. I heard it snowed in the US yesterday? Jealous. All we got was rain. Good old England.

PS: I got a package

What could it be???

What is it? You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

I’m off to have lunch then head off to mixed football then to an orchestra concert at the Barbican this evening.

Love ya!

Also: Is anyone keen on doing a nut butter swap? I have pistachio butter here that I was sent to review, but I’m allergic. Anyone, Anyone?

The BEST holidays

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