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What’s in store for Real Local Cooking in 2012?

We’re excited to spend the new year learning about food, cooking, and anything and everything that relates to locally sourced food. 

Deanne says she’s excited to learn about  organic vermiculture at the upcoming Southern SAWG conference in Little Rock.

“Back when I was a teacher of young children I wanted to teach children about soils and the role earthworms play in building soil.  What I have learned in the past has all been from a book so this will give me a chance to really get my hands dirty.”

She’s also looking forward to a full year of cooking and growing food with Steve as well as reviewing some interesting locally sourced eateries.

“I also love to read so we started a page that lists the books we’ve been reading since we began the blog in October.  I hope to add at least twelve new books to this list in 2012.”

Francine says she can’t wait to see this guy, when she joins him in England (hopefully sooner rather than later). 🙂

“I’m looking forward to buying locally raised meat from a butcher with a sweet hat and using English grown and processed hempseed oil in my cooking.  I’m hoping to cook my way through the River Cottage Everyday cookbook and visit the real River Cottage in Dorset, England and maybe even attend one of their classes.”

“2012 will be an adventure as I get used to living in (another) new country…I’m sure it will be full of learning and laughter because I’ll be with Scott and he cracks me up.”

We look forward to spending 2012 with you, dear readers.

May 2012 be piled high with eating, learning and cooking adventures for all!

(Photos from NeighborhoodNotes and River Cottage)

The BEST holidays

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