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Well, that was fun

Mal’s growth spurt resulted in kind of a rough month.   Unfortunately, that coincided with me having a rough month with multiple work products due for different jobs, and R having a rough month due to being the acting director and short-staffed.  And of course, we bid this month.

Bidding is always stressful – you get a list of all the possible jobs open worldwide, which you then have to narrow down according to whatever restrictions you’re under.  In our case this year, we have to bid on an overseas job, and most of our bids have to be on hardship jobs.  Really, we should DO a hardship job, because it’s been since Bucharest in 1993-1995 that we have, and if we don’t do it now we could get assigned to one.  Or R could, by himself.

We really can’t afford to have me not working, though, so the pool of potential jobs gets further restricted to places where I could maybe get a job, or continue to do my current job.  Which means I have to have reasonable internet access, which crosses places like Addis Ababa off the list.

Further considerations are language – R already has 7 languages and doesn’t want an 8th, especially not one that would require two years of training (one here, one there) like Chinese.

So our final bid list looked like Nairobi, Abuja, and Caracas.  I was hoping for Nairobi, but of course that’s the reward assignment for Africa hands.  Abuja is a good job for R, but we were both unexcited about having to take anti-malarials.  And Caracas is enemy territory.

Well, it’s a good thing Mal’s doing well in Spanish, because we are heading for Caracas!

Interesting fact:  You know how there’s this insane drug war in Mexico, with bodies being dumped daily?  Well, since 2008, about 28,000 people have been killed in Mexico.

In that same time period, in Venezuela, 90,000 have been killed.

However, that’s crime based on the massive economic suffering inflicted by Chavez, so to some extent it’s something we can defend ourselves against.  It’s not like terrorism, where we’re targets.  And while there’s no food in the stores and it’s a consumables post, we’ve done that before.  And we did it before the internet and netgrocer.

So yeah, Caracas.

The BEST holidays

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