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Week 39 – It’s Been A While

Dear Master Monkey,

I am extremely sorry for the gap in communication. Let me tell you what’s been going on.

Early morning on October 27th, 2011 I left you. Not in the abandoning-father kind of way, but rather on the first step of a month long ‘work-cation’ as your mother put it. I promise you that putting you to bed the night before knowing that I would not see you for 3 weeks was a heartbreaking moment. You had just cut your first tooth and you were visibly developing and changing every single day.

So as I traveled from HK to China to Australia and then New Zealand, your mother dutifully sent me pictures and videos of you to help me stay connected with you. Those emails were a lifesaver and came to be the high point of my day. Your sometimes handsome/sometimes elven-goblin mug and antics have been proudly displayed to textile customers across two continents. While I was gone you learned how to firmly sit up, you began vocalizing much more, and your repertoire of foods grew and grew and grew.

You also went to your first Halloween party, and Mrs Monkey whipped up a pretty super costume for you!

I can fly, right?

And, you’ve done some traveling in the past couple of months. As I was missing you so much and because your mother has been doing such a stellar job of raising you and catering to your every whim and need and because you’ve gotten so good at sleeping well at night and because Mrs Monkey LOVES sushi and dim sum and because your Hong Kong Dadi loves you so much – we decided to have you and Mrs Monkey hop on a plane and meet me in Hong Kong to coincide with my return from New Zealand.

So, MANY preparations were made and visas obtained, psychological stress was undergone before the big day when you were once again bundled into your traveling outfit…

November 16th/17th, 2011

For the eagle eyed amongst you, yes, that is exactly the same outfit that Master Monkey wore when coming to Karachi for the first time, but in a different size.

And you made your way to…

HONG KONG! Your mother reports that you were quite well behaved on the flight. In HK you made a lot of friends including…


Are you laughing at my hat?


I'm going to bite your finger.

And many, many other people who really lavished a lot of attention and love on you. And though your sleep cycle was a little bit off its game, we did manage to get out and about too. We visited the park and you even spent your first day at school!

Unseasonabley warm in HK for November

But alas, soon it was time to leave. So you helped us pack the bags…

And we left for the airport…

November 23rd, 2011

And you were pretty well behaved on the flight. Not perfect, but it could have been worse…

But we didn’t head straight back home. Instead we stopped for a couple of days in…

Bangkok, Baby!

Liam's Favorite View

And there you were reunited with your doting Khala, upon whom you also doted…

Bangkok, November 25th, 2011

And you also regarded her with suspicion, when you could tear yourself away from your new favorite food that is…

God do I love Pineapple. Don't take my pineapple, Khala.

Working on the tan

After a few days of relaxation and shopping for essentials (dog food) we finally returned to Karachi. You were a bit of a pain on that flight, so I won’t put up any pictures, but you seemed really happy to be back home…

Home Again!

There’s another thousand things that I want to recap, and another trip as well (!) but I think I’ll save that for another day. Seeing you after 3 weeks was an incredible experience, and sometimes I think I love you too much, Master Monkey. Don’t use that information to blackmail me into buying you a car though.


Mr Monkey




The BEST holidays

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