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Wanderlust Wednesday!

After booking hostels for Amsterdam and Brussels on Monday, I have started to get really excited about mine and my sister’s trip coming up in just two months! In just 7 days, we will have the chance to fit in 5 great cities. I am working whenever I get the chance to put together our itinerary. As always, food is on the top of my list of things to experience. On every trip I take, I try to experience as much of the local cuisine as I can. There are some things, like seafood, that I am a lot more careful about. But then there are special treats that I always am willing to give a try – like crepes from France or churros in Spain. For this trip in particular, I have a hard time not thinking about the delicious Belgian waffles we will get to experience while in Brussels and Bruges. So with all of this on my mind, this week’s Wanderlust Wednesday post takes us to the waffle stands in Brussels, Belgium.

Can’t wait to experience and authentic Belgian waffle!

The BEST holidays

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