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Vienna 2007 videos

Well its a bit late but I finally did the videos of my trip to Vienna August 2007 to attend ICOM conference for my job at the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands as then Manager of the Sister Islands. For those of you who dont know ICOM means International Council of Museums. I was to attend this conference with the then NGCI Director Nancy and an intern. However with Hurricane Dean bearing down on the Cayman Islands the Director could not leave the Gallery and thus the intern could not travel without her. I went by myself. It was a great learning experience for me. For while I had traveled a lot even to England and Scotland a few years before I had never gone that distance away from my home island by myself.  The travel stress was great, two days of connecting flights, delayed flights, huge international airports, three different countries but all in all I made it with no lost luggage which I found amazing. Thank God! I did have huge jet lag however and hit the sack almost as I got to the hotel.

Looking back I cant believe I didn’t take any photos or videos of the hotel especially since I was stuck in it my two free days due to coming down with a cold. Anyways said all that to say the Hotel Astoria was very nice. Paid through my teeth for drinking the mango and orange juice from the mini bar in my room fridge but not like I could run out to the nearest store.

I did however take a lot of video of the conference, meetings, lectures and excursions I went to. The reason I took so many videos of the lectures etc was to share with the NG Director when I got back as I attended the same INTERCOM lectures she was going to but the quality was not the best so I never did. LOL I even remember some guy telling me off about my camera, I think it beeped a few times too many.

Don’t worry I didn’t put all the lecture videos I have on here again reason being the quality but it will give you a taste of my learning adventure in Vienna, Austria. I loved how they included music at the opening ceremony and the fact that my hotel was next to the Opera house so in the evenings I would open my windows to let in the sounds drifting in from the Opera house. Of course the art all around the city, in the streets, the buildings, the walls and ceilings are to die for.





The BEST holidays

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