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I’d never thought that Verona could be so beautiful!

I went with a friend of mine and we stayed at B&B Vicolo 22.

A very nice place: there are three bedroom, our was the only one with the bathroom, the others shared the other one located in an upper room.

It was very clean and new and there was all we needed for breakfast such as coffee and milk, tea, cookies, cereals, yougurt and bread.

Right after we left our stuff in the room we went out for sightseeing.

We visited the Arena first.

The ticket was cheaper for students (it was 4.50 €) and it was amazingly beautiful.

How’s that uh?

Then we headed to Piazza delle Erbe.

And right after we went to Lamberti’s Tower.

With a 4.50 € tocket we got to reach the highest floor of the tower and see the landscape around. So beautiful, but unfortunatly it was getting cloudy.

Then it was lunch time and we stopped in one of those restaurants in the square.

I had mushrooms tagliatelle and water. They were delicious!


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The BEST holidays

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