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Updates, Thoughts, And Randomness

Update: My first term of classes is ending in 3 weeks, I have successfully been able to maintain an A average while attending school and working at 2 jobs! WOO HOO! Although, I recently switched one of my jobs. Still working in the food industry and still working with pizza, just a new location and a new name. Along with a higher salary, better hours, and a new title. :] I’m extremely excited and looking forward to watching this restaurant take off. I have successfully completed my med training and can now be left alone at my other place of employment. And my vacations and Brent’s photography tour are kicking off on Saturday with a trip to Hershey Park. That’s all the updates so far :]

Thoughts: I think men are pretentious sexist pigs. Seriously, I was looking at SOMEONE’S blog today and it was full of naked bitches, so much for not needing porn. As a female things like that come off as well disgusting, and degrading toward women. It’s okay if we put things like that out there, but for a man to blog it and be like epic, or what a win.. seriously is degrading to woman kind. UGH. And makes me feel self-concise about my body because you blog about unrealistic looking women, have you seen what most of America looks like today? Learn to be a little more respectful and stop walking all over bitches.

Randomness: Sometimes when I’m home alone I freak myself out and have to lock myself in my bedroom with lights on and the TV to calm myself down.

That’s all for now, I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts on the sexism issue in later posts… Comment, I love to see what you think on the issues!!

<3 B.



The BEST holidays

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