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Traveling with families

Families need to spend more time together. They need to relax, enjoy each other’s company and really get to know one another, but how to do this? Why take a vacation of course! It sounds so easy. Tell the boss you need a few days off, pack up the kids and go, but to where? Won’t it cost a lot? What should we do on vacation? What can we afford that will make everyone happy? Travel by car, plan, train, or ship? Should everyday be a different place, a different city or one long stay? Or if you live by a famous city like San Francisco or New York should you just stay home and explore your own backyard like a tourist who traveled thousands of miles would? With so many decisions and choices to make wouldn’t it be nice to have some advice. That is were “Family Travel Tips and Tricks” comes in. This blog will help you plan that special vacation.

Posts will include (but are not limited to):

  •   All Inclusive Travel
  •   Cruise Ship Review and suggestions
  •   Hotel Reviews and suggestions
  •   How to travel with multi-generational groups (and make everyone happy!)
  •   How to fundraise for your school while traveling
  •   Monday Memories
  •   Money saving ideas
  •   News on latest travel trends
  •   Products that make traveling easier
  •   Tips and Tricks
  •   Traveling and educational opportunities
  •   And much more

Check back often and please make “Travel Tips and Tricks” one of your favorite sites and remember to like us on Facebook.

Looking forward to helping you plan your best vacation ever!

The BEST holidays

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