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Flying The Tiger! Tasmania

I LOVE…Travel! I love the act of traveling, of going from one place to another, the feeling of being on the move. It’s not about the length of time involved, or the method of transportation, or even the destination, it’s about freedom and the unknown. I am happy in a car, or on a plane, a train, a boat, bus, ferry, bike. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s moving. I’m even quite content while waiting for it to move. Airports, depots and terminals can all be part of the adventure. One of my most awesome travel memories is of spending a night riding out a typhoon in Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan.

When traveling, I’m not much of an itinerary-follower, nor am I big on having my activities, meals, and socializing planned for me. I would not be very happy on a cruise or at an all-inclusive resort. To me, it would be like spending a couple of weeks in prison. A very posh and comfy prison, with friendly guards, but a prison nonetheless. My entire purpose of leaving home is to discover what’s out there and to allow what’s out there to discover me. There’s an amazing feeling which comes from not knowing what’s around the next corner. I’m definitely a ‘by the seat of my pants’ type traveler. I’ll change my destination in a heartbeat if something, or someone, interesting comes along…and I hope that they do! Especially if it comes along at night. I love traveling at night, particularly if it’s spur of the moment. There is something so incredibly romantic and adventurous about being in motion while the world sleeps, or at least that part of the world you happen to be in.

One thing I’ve learned through travel is how to adapt, not how to blend in and hide one’s self such as a chameleon, but to truly adapt to whatever situation or circumstance in which one may find one’s self. I used to seek places outside my comfort zone, then I came to the realization that being in such places IS my comfort zone. A big part of this realization came by learning to appreciate the art of traveling solo. In traveling solo one learns resourcefulness, learns to speak new languages, and one must connect with others to find food, shelter and transportation. And mostly importantly, in traveling alone one is far more likely to make new friends. And really, unless you’re going to a place completely devoid of human beings, why bring someone with you when there are plenty of interesting and completely amazing people already there?

All this said, I am definitely not opposed to traveling with others. There is a certain unmistakable bond, a camaraderie, formed when traveling with others. They are part of the adventure, part of the discoveries, and part of the memories after it ends. Without exception, when I think of any place I’ve ever been it’s the people I shared that place with which instantly come to mind, which make it special, whether it’s someone I met there or someone who came along with me.

The BEST holidays

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