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Training hard to be back where I need to be.. Fitness model body

I have taken time off from eating clean and training hard the last couple months. Mainly because I needed to give my body a break, not because I am lazy. Don’t get me wrong, I was still working out 4-6 times a week and eating pretty well, but I did not push as hard and I ate what I wanted!

Now it’s time to get back into gear and hit the gym hard. Some people do not understand what it takes to get your body a certain way. In order to be under 15% body fat, I need to cut out the sugars (which is not hard for me) which also means watching my fruit intake. Making sure I am balancing my carbs and getting enough protein to repair and build my muscle. Fueling my body with the right vitamins, minerals, fats and water.

In the gym, it’s no messing around. No chatting with your buddy between sets for 10 minutes or lifting light weights. No such thing as ‘light cardio’ for 15 minutes. It’s all about lifting, working hard, sweating and pushing yourself.

This is a 3-4 month go to get my body where I want it. See how I do!

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