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Tour de Delhi

I had a wonderful time visiting Delhi and Agra with my friends this past week. I was accompanied by 35 of my classmates on the ‘tour de Delhi’.  We were accompanied on the study tour by Ahamed Iqbal, Asst Professor in Law. The highlight of the tour was our visit to the Supreme Court of India and the office of Adv Deepak Prakash, an alumnus of our college and a lawyer practising in the Apex Court.

@ the office of Adv. Deepak Prakash

While we did visit sites of historical importance in Delhi and Agra, the visit to the Supreme Court stands out as a highlight simply because it was a kind of dream come true for me and my friends.

The meeting with Adv Deepak Prakash was truly inspirational since he was a person who was an alumnus of our college and made it to the top echeleons of his profession by dint of hard work and perseverance.  At this point, it may be noted that Adv Deepak Prakash was the counsel for the petitioner DYFI in the famous ‘Endosulfan Case’.

He gave us a copy of the writ petition he filed in this case as also a book on corporate laws. His dedication and commitment is marvellous indeed!

Here are a few other snaps from the “Tour de Delhi”:

With friends

@ the Supreme Court of India

We had a great time in Delhi and Agra. Over all, the tour was a super success!

The BEST holidays

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