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Toronto Day 2


Day two of my incarceration in Toronto. The room temperature in the hotel seems still pre-set on minus zero. The staff all continue to look like they need a group ECT session. The colour of the sky a grey shade of grey.


The congress is curious. It seems obligatory to have numerous badges almost looking like Wellington should have been there fresh from battle. The food inside and outside is incredulous in price. For example the cost of burger and chips from a street van outside is 8$. The food looks like it was cooked in medieval times and a good recipe for food poisoning. The congress hotel is grand and huge and I fail to even find the right floor. A huge room quite full with folks looking to learn about adhd but a single small screen in the corner. More massive badges with sub badges attached that almost reach to the floor. Well stay in one place for long enough and the cabaret will always arrive.


The congress is actually very good content wise and we are taught very clearly that inability to plan is a key symptom for adhd particularly in adults. So it may be considered a little surprising that the organisers also do not seem to be able to plan. A large ballroom packed with chairs and folks standing. So around 300 people. Room is flat with no incline. One small screen to see the slides in the left hand corner of the room. So even in the 5th row out of perhaps 20 one cannot see the bottom half of the screen. The lectern in contrast is so high that one cannot see most of the speakers behind it! Finally there are no microphones for the audience to ask any questions so they shout them out and the speaker has to repeat them. Hmmm……..


More bad news in the hotel. The food that is favoured in the restaurant is the mushroom. The Wild Mushroom Festival. I hate mushrooms so I suspect another burger will be devoured tonight.


The BEST holidays

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