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Top Gun Tuesday

We have  hummingbirds living in our yard. They have their routine, and one of them is to sit on the very top of a tree and sing a signature song. Their aerial dynamic flights are entertaining to watch, and we have noticed many of these flights at daybreak and sunset.

A particular hummingbird has displayed extraordinary flight patterns with such precision and speed, that we have named him “Top Gun” ! He almost seems to not only exhibit amazing aerodynamics, but a sense of humor as well.  We have watched him hover over our grass at just the right height to be gently showered by the lawn sprinklers. Many times he will instantly appear right in front of us at eye level, briefly hovering as if to say hello. Other times he will appear from a corner in front of a window, stare at us, and then just as quickly disappear – only to appear again – his signature “peek a boo” moments ! His in-flight spirals, rolls, and dive bombs are thrilling to watch – truly a “top gun” experience !

These tiny birds remind us of the beauty and complexity of God’s astounding creations – and His creativity –

HE will forever command the title of  “transcendental” top gun !

The BEST holidays

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