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Too Many To Talk About

I do not know exactly where or how to start. I have not been able to post regular articles again. This makes me feel a bit disappointed but I cannot cry over spilled milk. It is a good thing that I get to write this one right now and that is all that matters. The past cannot be undone but it can be written down. So, these are some of the topics I would have focused on should I have been posting every week.

First of all, I would have to applaud The Big Bang Theory for unfailingly making me laugh out loud. Their storyline and script is so down right hilarious! I may be the only one overpraising the series but I am just being honest. The other plus of the Big Bang Theory is that you could actually learn a lot from their intelligently witty remarks and conversations. I like that they portray being smart as the “in” thing and they do not focus on looks, the typical fashion and weight conscious storyline in a lot of TV series. Season 5 still has not lost its amazingly funny touch. I hope that this will go on for several more seasons!

Second, I really want to travel soon! It has been quite some time since I got to visit other places. I have been quite preoccupied with work but I still have not forgotten the importance of travelling. It surely is a unique, personal and wonderful learning experience. Sure, reading about places in books and the internet is fine but being actually there spells a whole lot of difference. A wonderful quote I recently found in twitter is about never agreeing to the idea of not travelling. Of course, there are exceptions such as when you are sick with a contagious illness (read: chicken pox!) Health is definitely a priority. It may be a bummer to cancel a travel plan but there will always be more opportunities for that. You would not want to be responsible for passing on the illness to someone especially a child or elderly person.

In relation with travel plans, I have realized the importance of taking pictures. It is really a must that one “captures the moments”. Pictures truly are worth a thousand, if not millions, of words. Think of it this way: you will not be able to experience that exact moment ever again. Every experience is unique and worthy of recording. A handy and quality camera can be considered a necessity nowadays.

Fourth, Korean Pop music has very much captured my heart. Even if I do not understand the lyrics, the beat is quite jolly. Plus, the clothes that the K-Pop artists wear in their music videos rock! I am currently enjoying this song from HyunA- Bubble Pop.

Fifth, I have finally had some time to continue reading my Jane Austen reading list. Right now I have Emma on my hands. I am still on the first chapter but I am excited to finish it. It may not be written in the way English is written nowadays but I still love the airs of the British aristocracy being depicted by Ms. Austen. I badly want to go on a Jane Austen tour!

Sixth, there has been some changes in my life once again and because of the hassle and bustle of it all, I have found comfort in watching Joyce Meyer videos. She definitely knows how to relate real life experiences with the meaning of the words in the Bible. It never fails to remind me that I should not fear because GOD IS WITH ME.

Seventh, being financially able is one of the best feelings in the world. Knowing that you purchased something from your own hard-earned money is priceless! It really makes you treasure your goods more and realize their true value. After all, who would want to set aside a cellular phone that you worked 2 weeks for? It is as if you just threw your efforts down the drain. It is moments like this that I can truly say that I am entering the stage of being a career woman. It is challenging to be in the real world which makes me appreciate everything that my parents had gone through just to provide my needs and wants. Boy, I should have been and still be more grateful. I am luckier than many people.

Eight, relationships matter! A lot! Sure, it is nice to be very successful in one’s career but as Marilyn Monroe once said, “A career is wonderful, but you can’t curl up with it on a cold night.” I find it important to maintain and build on relationships that matter no matter what. It is important to balance things. Because at the end of the day, it is the relationships that truly nourish the souls.

Nine, I am more grateful for the advances in technology, especially WiFi! I cannot believe how much the internet has changed and given more opportunities for people. I am so thankful that I live in a place and time that enables me to be well-informed and within reach of brilliant ideas and thoughts. I am wondering how much more technology will evolve in the future years. Cannot wait!

These are some of the thoughts that I have jotted down for the past days. There are more and I will share them with you once I have found the time to do so.

La vie est belle!


The BEST holidays

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