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Tips for Cheap Flights

Tips for Getting Cheap Flights

There is no golden rule to get cheap airline flights. It’s more of a game you need to play with the online booking sites. If you are willing to do a little footwork and make a couple phone calls you can find some great deals!

If possible start looking for the flight you want as soon as possible. We try to start around 3 months from when we want to go.

Start putting your preferred dates in some of the top airline ticket booking search sites.

We  have found deals on flights to Liberia, Costa Rica using <—– try it

Check results 2, 3, or even more times a day if possible. We have seen deals in the morning disappear by the afternoon.

Sometimes you will see a pop up or a banner ad indicating a special price for the flight you are looking for. Click on the link, if it takes you to the deal, you’ve made it. If it has you fill out more flight info and takes you in a vicious circle, then you have fallen into the black hole of internet ads and need to find a number to call.

If you can find a number call them and ask them about the deal you saw online. (Have copy of it in front of you if possible) Sometimes you can book your flight right then and there with the deal they offer. Sometimes you don’t.

If you can’t get that deal you can try Just make your bid price a little more than the deal price you saw in the ad.

If you still didn’t have any luck then keep on checking the airline booking sites.

** Special Tip: check Airline Flight Prices Tuesdays and Wednesdays! These are the days the airlines usually make there changes.

Here is a list of some Airline Flight Booking Sites:

The BEST holidays

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