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three posts i never did

so many posts happen in my head that don’t make it to blogland.  Here are three posts from my head to tie up 2011 and so i can post for 2012.

Post one i never did: 100

Hubby’s grandfather turned 100 on the 11th of the 11th (born in 1911!)  Up until a few years ago Grandpa was still driving and sending us emails.  Now age has chased him down and he is in a high care facility.  My favourite memory of grandpa is on our wedding day when we were leaving the reception and saying goodbye to all our guests.  He pulled me into a patriarchal bear hug, and in his low gravelly voice said “Welcome to the family.”  Those words have  meant so much to me over the years.

Official letter of congratulations from the Queen, full page story in one of the major Gold Coast weekend  papers (he is quite well known on the Tweed), a glass of champagne, so many cards, wishes, speeches… one tired grandpa (he only lasted about 40 minutes, then back to bed.

 Grandpa we love you, happy 100th birthday!

Post two i never did: Christmas

The kids slept under the Chrissy tree with great anticipation, under strict instructions to only knock on our door after 8am (they lasted til 6:45am but it was worth a try!)

Santa crept around their sleeping forms  to fill stockings til they bulged, drink milk and feed the reindeer in the darkened kitchen.  One stocking remained sadly empty though.  The owner of this stocking had adamantly declared on Christmas Eve : “I don’t belive in Santa, i don’t believe in Santa…” while the other two children clapped and chanted their belief in Santa (we’d just watched ‘Elf’).  So on Christmas morn when two siblings were squealing in delight one child opened an empty stocking except a brief note signed from Santa:  ’So you don’t believe in Santa hey?  I exist.  Ha, Ha, Ha!  Ho! Ho! Ho! from Santa. ’

So funny! Luckily ‘Santa’ was able to schedule a last minute stocking-filling visit when the disbeliever was out of the room!

Spend Christmas lunch with friends who, over the years have warmed our hearts until our ties have become indistinguishable from blood family.  Love you all, haven’t laughed so much in ages.  What a wonderful thing to sit around a beautifully decorated tree opening carefully selected gifts we will cherish for years to come, reading the true story of Christmas from the Scriptures, having  a slow pancake breakfast, eating together the most amazing Pavlova and drinking the coldest glass of American sparkling grape juice from dear friends. Happy birthday Jesus, we remember you this special day.

Post three i never did: travelogue six

Relaxing at Byron Bay was a great way to finish a busy  holiday.  I’ve never seen so many people riding bikes.  Byron Bay memories: the bronzed sand sculpture man who spends his day chatting and sculpting and drinking beer on the beach,

bargain op shopping (one op shop sold me an armload full of books, a few items of clothing and a board game which was as good as new worth $50 for $3!!!!! When i only had a $50 note she said just take it all for free.  When I insisted on paying, she grudgingly got me change).  We spent one evening crab spotting.  Picture 3 kids and 2 adults scurrying crazily around the moonlit beach with one little torch chasing side moving crabs.  Each crab conquest was met with a cheer and lots of laughter before the befuddled crab was released to scurry about for another day.


We swam in the waves til we were prune like, ate local: bbqed up amazing vegie burgers every day for lunch and ate amazing ice-cream in waffle cones, tantalized our taste buds with good quality chocolates and munched through packets of corn chips (but not all in one sitting).

Meeting interesting people like the man who had his pet rabbit on a leash and was walking it along the foreshore before i stopped him for a chat and so my youngest rabbit-crazy daughter could get a cuddle.

 LOved watching the sun sink into the green, twilight sea

leaving silhouettes around the lighthouse. 

Walking hand in hand with the ones i adore, standing on the most easterly point of our beloved Australian mainland,

watching God paint the sunset,

Tranquility for the heart and soul.

Thus ends the blogging year and i anticipate beginning another blank canvas on which to record my life.  New beginnings, new challenges, new stories, new friends… joy!

The BEST holidays

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