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I feel a theme coming on.

Today, as I sat on the train coming home, I picked up a ‘Metro’ paper someone had left on the seat. I thought it would make the 45 minute agonising journey go quicker – (a good distraction technique!)

Hotel Pelirocco, is Brighton’s sauciest stopover. With 19 bedrooms themed around pop subculture or provoked by visionary artists, maverick musicians and inspired individuals, Hotel Pelirocco is bound to tickle the taste buds of pleasure seekers on the hunt for something new.”
Play Room, Sputnik, Rough Trade Rough Nite, Skint Records, Betty’s Boudoir, Stoli Salon, Pressure Sounds, Modrophenia, The Pin Up Parlour, The Ophelia Fancy Upper Room, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Nookii Room and The Bowery Room are the themed rooms the hotel currently has to offer.
All of the rooms have been carefully and thoughtfully designed, with very reasonable prices that will appeal to lots of people with an eye of interior design!

They have launched a new room today – ‘Do Knit Disturb’. A room that (as it suggests) features knitwear and crochet very highly.

The talented artist behind it is Kate Jenkins, who owns her own knitted clothing, homewares and gift brand called ‘Cardigan‘. Of course I am byest towards knitwear, as I excelled in my knitwear projects at uni, and it was the only type of fashion I enjoyed the entire process of making a garment.
Inside the room, has a knitted bedspread comprising of over 100 colours, cushions, curtains, vase and original crochet pieces such as a traditional fry up and a tube of toothpaste!
So if this room tickles your fancy, it’ll cost a mere £55 on weekdays and £69 on weekends.


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