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The Year That Was

Calvin and Hobbes: By Bill Watterson

A few weeks ago I wrote an update about my Not-So-Bucket-List list. Specifically, I decided to summarize the activities that I have managed to cross off since the list began, especially given that the original list of 101 things in 1001 days is set to expire in May of 2012.

Being the nerd that I am, my list never started with 101 items, and it continues to grow as I continue to think up or discover new and crazy adventures. As of right now, it is 243 items long.

Anyway, given that it’s essentially the end of 2011 I thought I’d take a quick moment to figure out which activities on my list I’ve actually managed to cross off this year. It’s a bit of a year-in-review, but focussing on specific goals rather than all of the things that I’ve done this year.

I present the list in order in which the items were completed, because, well, why not?

Of all the items on my Not-So-Bucket-List list, I’ve managed to cross off 42 of them in 2011. That’s roughly 17% of all the items that are currently on the list, or an average of 3.5 items a month. Sweet. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Being that I’m always up for a challenge, maybe I should add Cross off more than 42 items from my Not-So-Bucket-List list in 2012.

The year clearly started off with a bang – what with 9 Not-So-Bucket-List items being crossed off. I should note that August and September were clearly a write-off what with the hernia surgery. Too bad. Thankfully I managed to at least get a couple of articles submitted for publication in that time. Plus my NSERC grant application. Other than that, I was clearly very lazy.

Anyway, here’s to an adventure filled 2012.


  1. Find a full-time faculty position – 01/01/11. [Just Call Me Ass Prof For Short]
  2. Watch Battlestar Galactica Season 1, 04/01/11.
  3. Travel with Rick, 14/01/11. [Somewhere, Out There, A Fat Lady Is Singing.  Damn.]
  4. Hike a lava field again, 16/01/11. [Somewhere, Out There, A Fat Lady Is Singing.  Damn.]
  5. Climb an active volcano, 16/01/11. [Somewhere, Out There, A Fat Lady Is Singing.  Damn.]
  6. Start a blog, 20/01/11. [Consumed By Wanderlust]
  7. Helicopter ride, 21/01/11. [Somewhere, Out There, A Fat Lady Is Singing.  Damn.]
  8. Scuba or snorkel, 24/01/11. [Mmmm, Hot Koko]
  9. Skydive, 28/01/11. [Adrenaline Smells Like Awesome]
  1. Pay off ~$15000 of my debt excluding mortgage, 22/02/11.  [Adventures In Financial Planning]


  1. See a ballet with Steph, 05/03/11. [Getting My Culture On]
  2. Complete 4 consecutive sets of 8 chin ups, 12/03/11.
  3. See Sarah McLachlan in concert again, 17/03/11. [The Answer Is: Who Are Viggo Mortensen, Cate Blanchett, And Jodie Foster?]
  1. CN Tower Climb again, 14/04/11. [And The Verdict Is]
  2. Travel to Calgary to Visit Rick again, 20/04/11.
  3. Travel with Rick again, 22/04/11. [Calgary Adventure: Day 1-234, and 5]
  4. Travel to British Columbia, 22/04/11. [Calgary Adventure: Day 3Dan Has Left The Building]
  5. Go snowshoeing, 23/04/11.
  6. Have a brandy tasting night, 29/04/11.


  1. Buy a new road bike., 21/05/11.
  2. Run a marathon, 29/05/11. [This Makes It Official]


  1. Travel to Nova Scotia, 12/06/11. [Let The Nerdfest Begin: An Update From Acadia]
  1. Bike 60K, 1/07/11. [RunKeep Activity Log 123 & Tweet]
  2. Bike 10km in under 20 minutes, 9/07/11. [Runkeeper Activity Log – km 7 to 16]
  3. Bike 20km in under 40 minutes, 9/07/11. [Runkeeper Activity Log – km 7 to 26]
  4. Run 5K in under 22 minutes, 11/07/11. [Doing A Happy DanceRunKeeper Activity Log]
  5. Publish 3 articles in 1 year, 20/07/11. [Down Goes Number 3]
  6. Run 5km in under 21 minutes, 19/07/11. [Runkeeper Activity Log]
  7. Travel to Chicago to visit Ben again, 29/07/11. [Chicago – My Kind Of TownAttack of the 26 Foot Woman]
  8. Buy a new camera, 30/07/11. [How To Break Even With 39 And 60]
August & September
  • As I was recovering from hernia surgery, I guess I didn’t really do anything these months. I’ll have to make up for that in 2012.
  1. Travel to Vancouver to visit Beth again, 19/10/11. [Dear Victoria, The Doctors Are In You]
  2. Travel with Rick again, again, 24/10/11. [It’s A Dark Wet Hole. It Must Be Fun.]
  3. Go Caving, 24/10/11. [It’s A Dark Wet Hole. It Must Be Fun.]
  1. Try 30 new wines, 08/11/11. [Wines]
  2. Save $500 in change, 09/11/11. [How To Break Even With 39 And 60]
  3. Learn to make dairy free banana bread, 9/11/11. [Awesome Smells Like Banana Bread]
  4. Buy a $100+ bottle of port and drink it with Gerarda & Alan, 20/11/11. [30 Never Tasted So Sweet]
  1. See Tori Amos in concert, 08/12/11. [An Evening With Awesome Times TwoThree Violins, A Cello, A Piano, And Tori]
  2. Travel to visit Arlene, 19/12/11. [Awesome, Or Something Else]
  3. Travel once per month for 12 months, 21/12/11. [Twelve Trips, Twelve Months]

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