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The Weary Traveler

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There are few hostels that are as well-known on the traveler’s circuit as The Weary Traveler in Tulum. Maybe it’s because it’s right next door to the bus station, but this hostel also has a lot appeal aside from location. For just under $9usd (120pesos) you get a bed, breakfast and a return trip to the beach.

When a taxi will run $3-4usd, getting to the beach from the centro can be a sure budget buster. And of course, if you are in Tulum, the beach is the place to be. There are two morning rides to the beach and two times in the afternoon to get back into town. If you miss it, you’re on your own. Fair enough.

Breakfast is decent too, your choice of eggs, pancakes, french toast that you cook up yourself on a big cook top on the patio. And with it being so centrally located you can get anything else you would need or want easily.

Wi-fi is available here too.

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