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The View From sitting in the shade at Blackwattle Bay Park

Getting to sleep by 3am seemed like a relief after the previous night’s frivolities which meant by 10 I was ready to go out for a run. Even in the drizzle, even past the dog walkers, other travellers and the already full cafes. That’s another thing I’ve learnt about life as a Sydneysider, they do enjoy eating out. No matter what time or day, eateries are usually busy. Perhaps it’s due to the relatively cheap cost of eating out as it isn’t difficult to find a good meal for $10. Or maybe the relatively expensive cost of food in supermarkets, gosh I do miss Tesco.

The drizzle combined with sweat meant that I was unreasonably soggy by the time I’d returned to the hostel. At least I had found a decent route to the top of Glebe Point Road, across the bay, up Ferry Road back onto Glebe Point Road then down to Victoria Park for a circuit before heading back to the hostel. It takes around 40 minutes which is a decent slog. Alas this meant my horribly red face was exposed to both Jillian and Erin.

As usual the run sated my appetite so I stuck to a bowl of cereal, comically pouring some on the floor as I got it out of my cupboard. Groups from the hostel were heading out on daytrips yet me and the girls would sit wondering what to do. Ryan the uber cool Canadian receptionist later joined us and our chat turned to the UK to which she mentioned studying at Stoke-on-Trent. What? She didn’t say that did she? Turns out she did a course at Keele University so we reminisced about my hometown. While not smothered in glory it felt strange talking about Stoke in such exulted terms with a Canadian in Sydney.

We still hadn’t decided what to do with our day so I mentioned that I may need to bake to ensure the microwave sized oven actually works. Then we still couldn’t decide on what to test it with. Eventually I made a list of ingredients and headed to the supermarket. It’s Sunday but even charity shops are still open. I take a look and find some scales for $4 though they’re clearly broken and I end up hunting for ideas for a Halloween costume. I can’t find anything but there’s always the option of allowing girls to use me as a test face paint dummy.

I text ahead to ask if I can take the cake to Lisa or make it at hers. Alas, the dates have gotten mixed up so she isn’t at work and doesn’t need a cake making. At least I hadn’t gotten to the supermarket and the walk does me good. This still means I’ll probably make cake eventually, we’ve discussed it so much it seems imperative, but not today.

The rest of the day is for enjoying the late afternoon. Of sitting in watching some Spanish football then heading to Blackwattle Bay Park to start my new book, Labyrinth by Kate Mosse. The park is as full as it was yesterday though, alas, there is no cricket. Thankfully I remembered to apply sun cream this morning so the hours spent don’t show up on my skin. Back at the hostel it’s dinner time which means reheated bolognese and pasta. Meh, I’ll move onto more exciting fare when I can yet at least tonight I manage to bake garlic bread.

Talk turns to Halloween and while no plans or costumes have been made we get into the spirit by watching The Sixth Sense. Most have work in the morning so I stay up and play pool with Dan. We’re both awful but I’m somehow less awful than he is and end up winning.

#18 in our series of Half Day Ahead Treats is a Pixie Caramel which seems more like a Chomp than an actual Australian Chomp. I actually struggle to finish it when it’s that chewy.

The BEST holidays

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