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The same you



It’s hard to face the truth,

my mask has so many cracks I can’t even count…

I try to avoid the painful thought of you;

I hide my sorrow behind a laugh,

but you and I know these feelings can’t stay dormant for long.

When I allow myself to visit the memory of you,

I’m confronted with guilt, desperation, and the agony that’ll stick with me throughout the years.

I just can’t accept the same you who made me heart-shaped pancakes,

the you that believed in every little thing I wanted to do,

the you that fought your demons and my own and made everything better,

is the same you who withered away like a flower out of the ground.


I couldn’t take away your pain or your fear.

Oh! just thinking of all the things you fought with inside your head,

all the worries, the words you wished you had the strength to share with us,

but your heart was so enormous, you chose to suffer alone.


They say the fastest way to lose someone is to take them for granted,

but I never did,

I knew what I had, I always knew how much I love you,

yet it was chosen and neither of us had a choice of the outcome,

and you knew your end would shortly come,

you smiled to give us comfort even ’til the end.


I don’t think I can ever be as brave or strong as you.

After watching you drift away in my arms, I can never be the same me.

I miss you my sweet angel in heaven.


The BEST holidays

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