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The Making of a Monarch

A Private Journal Entry from my handwritten personal journal dated November 2011:

Dream-state. Cocoon. Gestation. Cave-like. Hibernation. Womb.

*This is where I am

Change. Transformation. Metamorphosis. Transfiguration.

*This is what is happening.

Renewal. Evolution. Emergence. Awakening.

*This is what awaits me

Regent. Queen. Empress. Monarch. Ruler of her world and Shape-Shifter of her Own Destiny.

*This is what I’ll become.


March 21st 2012

This regal Monarch and Goddess-Queen has emerged from my cocoon.  Fully supported and fueled by my dreams I am spreading my wings and taking flight.

Catch me if you can.



The BEST holidays

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