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The Golden 48 Hours and Singapore

On every 16th of the month, our roster is out. Most crew would rave about the good and bad and probably standby their computer to swap for flights to perfect their nasty roster. We have this term called the golden 48 hours. It is said to be the most critical hours where you give or receive tons of invitations. Once this 48 hours is over, you probably wouldn’t get any more desirable flights. Then of course, it really depends on the preference of each individual. We have 5 quotas per month while I heard SQ has 5 per year. OH GAWD! I can’t imagine how I can survive with nasty roster month after month. Personally, I like flying 4-5 flights per month with lots of G day (guarantee day off). Lucky me, I managed to swap for consecutive 8 off days this month. Happy me!! Because I get to go to Krabi with my girls. I reckon this golden hours don’t just apply for my roster, but also blogging too. I should really blog about my trips within… let’s extend it to golden 72 hours instead. Hee hee. Kinda behind time now, but it’s okay. I call the shot here ((:

This Krabi trip… oh my gawd… before I start with all the good about the trip, I still want to whine a little. I am suppose to pay the least for the airfares considering I have my ID90 privilege. But god forbids that. I planned to transit in BKK so that I can pamper myself with some shopping and met Mr.Rendezvous (who I’m so over now. such a pity) before Krabi but the flooding just have to be the most severe during the days I am there. I had to buy a last minute ticket to Krabi, cancel my hotel prepaid hotel booking, cancel my BKK-KBV ticket without any refunds and search for last minute accommodation in Singapore. I’ve never spend so much on such a short trip ever.

On the bright side, I’m in SINGAPORE! I haven’t been back not as a crew since April. Surprise surprise, my darlings!

Darren’s Birthday dinner with Darren @ Salt Grill by Luke Mangan.
{In the ancient Greek days, salt was a very expensive commodity.  It was given as a gift as a sign of hospitality and friendship, hence the name ‘Salt’.} Words from Luke Mangan.

Yellowtail Sashimi SGD$28
Mmmm.. I dont know what is the hype about yellowtail to be honest. It just taste like a fresh crunchy fish. Oh, but the miso sauce is worth mentioning.

Fillet 180g Maori Lakes grass fed SGD$54
This medium rare doneness of steak is worth every penny! There’s honestly nothing too hard in cooking a piece of steak. All you need is salt and pepper. But what makes it call for that price is where you get the beef and of course, the reputation of the restaurant. The first bite when you sink your teeth into that piece of meat is almost unnaturally rich. I’ve begin to like green beans since my last visit with Jan in Sydney. I heart those crunchy bites, finally…. something healthy.

Passionfruit & banana soufflé, mango sorbet SGD$18
This fluffy little sweet thing is baked to perfection. I like how the souffle is presented in that sauce pot. Taste wise, too sweet even for this sweet tooth me.

This is definitely one of the place for a romantic dinner with your partner with panoramic view of Singapore. Impeccable service (this translates to be served by handsome Japanese manager). Reasonable charges for what a celebrity restaurant is worth. Definitely coming back again.

Semi-lavish lunch with Sissy @ PS Cafe

Broiled white miso cod fillet with eggplant and pumpkin
This is a MUST EAT dish. The moment you slice the cod fish into bite size, you know you can’t wait to taste the freshness and softness of that fish in your mouth. All that omega oil that gonna do your body good! 2 THUMBS UP!

Living lettuce, frisee and flinders with black vinegar kumquat vinaigrette, apples and walnuts.
GAWD! Totally unexpectedly great. Fresh veggies and the one of a kind kumquat vinaigrette dressing thumbs up!

Dessert @ Kki

How can you resist anything called Strawberry and Champagne…. This mousse cake ain’t very strawberry nor very champagne, two very well balanced flavors.


Hazelnut layer with ciocolate and praline. Emily totally stole our hearts, Sorry Noisette.

Quite pricey though. $28, two cake + a pot of tea. Will come back in moderation.

Our latest train line. Circle Line (:

Feels like some boys back in my school days who trade/play magic cards in fast food outlets.

Ai-shi-ke-lim-mo on a HAWT day with Jia & Gay (:
Pulu Hitam is usually served as a hot bowl of dessert. But this creamery made this black glutinous rice dessert into ice cream. Yums.

Dragged to Botanic Garden by Gay to see the black swans.
Gay: “It used to be white but the hot sun of Singapore make them chao ta (burnt).”

My two darlings. Nee, you’re missed.

Fish head steamboat with Fen and Chuachua @ Kovan. Nice!

You know what’s my favorite color now right?

Thanks all for hanging out with me despite such short notice, what’s new, hahaha.
Krabi next post.

The BEST holidays

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