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The Flight

Welcome to my travel blog! For the next seven months, I will be interning with BMW in Munich at their global development center, the FIZ. I’ll be using this blog as a travel journal to help me and you keep up with me while I’ve got this great opportunity to live, work and travel in Europe.

If you have to fly to Germany from North or South Carolina, there’s no better way to fly than Lufthansa’s direct flight from Charlotte to Munich. They take great care of you, the in-flight entertainment works through personal, on-demand screens and the seats are pretty comfortable.


The dinner served to me in coach was very good. Lufthansa typically offers some kind of meat or a pasta dish. I chose pasta instead of salmon. Also included was a small salad with Italian dressing, dinner roll, cheese and for dessert, a brownie with whipped cream and a strawberry. This has two of my favorite things about Europe. First, the bread is much better than anything you can get in the US and the whipped cream is just sweet enough, and very light. However, I also have a slight niggle. Last time I took this flight was in 2008 and the cheese served with my meal was Brie and today I received Monterey Jack.

Also, my previous work with automotive interiors has ruined me. I’m now hyper aware of vibrations, squeaks, rattles, gaps and wear. The Airbus 330s Lufthansa uses for these flights are starting to show some age. There were squeaks coming from the supports running between the top and bottom of the plane and vibrations coming through my seat base straight to the headrest.

I ended up not being able to sleep on the flight and here are my tips to be able to sleep.
1. Take off your shoes, it’s a 9 hour flight.
2. Earplugs
3. Blindfold
4. Sleeping pills / NyQuil, the adrenaline that kicks in due to the international travel is stronger than you think.

So, that’s my summary of the flight, let me know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking the “Follow” link in the bottom right hand corner.

The BEST holidays

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