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The E-Marketing Capacitator

After a long and hardy day of capacitating and training Celaya’s hotels on online marketing, we wined and dined, and crashed like babies high on momma’s milk.

Our workshop was not only on our partner’s RFP-channeling software, but also on best online marketing practices, including the following:

Celaya's Centro Historico

–       Having an English-language website: this might seem intuitive to some, but you’d be surprised at how many companies don’t have websites in English but expect to receive international business.

–       Social Media: all of the Mexican hoteliers we talked to have Facebook profiles, but none had profiles for their company. We always urge the use of social media to our clients. It’s a highly useful tool that is free and the possibilities are endless. Use it and abuse it.

–       SEO:  not everyone is immediately aware of all the possible techniques available to improve your brand’s positioning in online search engines, but they are both simple and sweet. From key words to hyperlinking, there is always the opportunity to improve your visibility online, and in turn your business.

Of course, these are not the only marketing tools to follow by they are merely the basics.

The BEST holidays

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