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The Cultural Concert from Xiamen Art & Cultural Center, Xiamen, Fujian, China – Part 1

Click to view slideshow.This is a series of photographs which I took at the Concert at Xiamen, Fujian, China. I took these photos from a hundred metres or so away without flash using an unsteady tripod. Luckily the photos came out reasonably all right but some were just blurry. By the stroke of luck, I was thrusted a piece of pink paper with the narrations of the cultural performances at the recent Penang Esplanade’s China Cultural Concert 2011. Yes, this is the information which I needed for my photograph series taken at the Cultural Concert in Xiamen during my visit in September 2011. In the haste I am not aware of the name of the venue of the Cultural Concert and the Acts played out at the Xiamen Art and Cultural Concert. Thus, armed with newly dicovered information, I shall explain the concert in finer details.
Act One
There is definitely a symbiotic connection between the ocean and the Min’nan or coastal people from Fujian. Xiamen is itself an island and thus earning a living from the sea is the logical choice. The Act One depicts this intertwine of the essence of the ocean and the Min’nan (Hokkien) culture.
Act 2 is probably about the charming Hui-an Girl and troupe of dancing girls. Well, that reminded my late wife who prided herself as a girl from this region. A thrifty hard-working female worker of untold strength and diligence and that she was, my late wife Saw Ai. Remember those olden days the ladies dress in blue dresses helping the mason, carrying stones, cement and bricks in Penang. These ladies were from Hui-an.
Next Act 3 was the depiction of the fighting monks from Southern Shaolin Temple of China.

SP Lim

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