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The Crusade for the Perfect Toiletries Bag and other Ramblings….

So I have a problem, on top of my shoe problem.  I cannot find the “perfect” toiletries bag.  Nor can I find the “perfect” weekend bag.  I have a couple of totes that are suppose to be weekend bags, but they are really “overnight-no make-up-one pair of underwear and one shoe bags”.  I am unable to go on long fantastic trips right now, but the weekends are becoming relatively regular.   With each trip I end up taking both of my weekend bags.  One is strictly for toiletries and shoes and a book, the other for clothes.   In all honesty, I only slightly over pack.  Let’s just say I hate being unprepared for the possible elements at any given location. This usually means a swim suit and winter boots.  With that said, I am convinced that a weekend bag should not adhere to carry-on sizes.  A typical weekend is within driving distance, or the train.  And even if you fly, claim its carry-on size and if they say no at the gate, your bag is first off and you don’t have to go to baggage claim to get your bag.  Just working the system here folks!


So I am not just on a quest for the perfect weekend bag, but for the perfect toiletries bag.  One that holds all the essentials for a woman, plus makeup.  I end up carrying my current toiletries bag, plus my make-up bag and sometimes a hairdryer and/or curling iron.  And don’t forget the multitude of brushes…  Perhaps I should condense?  You think?  I can work with one pair of jeans and two t-shirts, but they will be completely unworthy if I can’t change my hair and makeup!  DUH!  I know I have some creative traveler friends out there, what do you do?  And if you are a guy, please recognize this is a serious problem!


On a completely side note, since this is Thursday Reveal day, I have to add another no eat thing to my list.  Alongside pancakes and donuts I have to add regular pizza.  It does not hold the same carbohydrate- sugar- make me sick to my stomach- in need of a nap- crash, however, it instantly bloats me and adds weight in the morning.  I have been doing significant research into my dinner/evening eating habits in an effort to discover the best nighttime snacks or late night dinners.  Ones that do not adversely effect my weight loss goals.  Sadly regular old pepperoni pizza lost.  Big surprise, I know, right?  I still have not ruled our thin crust with red onions, green peppers, pepperoni and pineapple…yum!


Our sunrise the other morning.  Have a great Thursday!

The BEST holidays

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