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The Birthday Lens

I was recently given a very old Nikkor lens for my Birthday which is probably a few years older than I am from the 60′s.

As a Nikkor-H 85/1.8 it wasn’t able to run the meter of any ¬†of my Nikon bodies unless I modified the metal ring next to the camera body that runs the meter – but to be honest this is a 5 minute job with a dremel type mini milling machine.

I used a small rotary sander on an electric drill and although it is not a professional looking job, the meter now syncs and is right for the size and aperture of lens and fits perfectly onto my FE.

If you google this type of modification on the web, it is easy to get step by step instructions to take you through probably the easiest lens mod you will ever have to do.

You can go and buy faster and new 85mm lenses from Nikon – but for a song, this old beauty is crystal clear and fast enough for the length of lens for my general use.

As I am into traveling with a lens longer than 50mm on my camera at the moment – these are a few from the first test films of a Kotte in Colombo – with Ektar and Acros Neopan – unchanged for colour or levels and as sharp as they developed.

This is one of the three Nikon options I have with me at the moment in South Africa; the others being 50/1.2 and 24/2.8.

One of the other cameras on the trip is a Minox that a great friend of ours gave to me in Jo’Berg when we landed and so after a battery mod with electrical tape and some LR44′s – it is also up and running here. When I get the films developed I will do a write up of the camera and also a quick article about doing your own battery mods.


The BEST holidays

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