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The Big Announcement

                                                                                                                 January 1, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

     We are so excited to share with all of you the big plans we have for this new year! After more than a decade of daydreaming and months of intensive planning, we are thrilled to announce that our plans for 2012 involve embarking on what we’ve come to call our Family Sabbatical! Believe it or not, that is an actual thing. There’s even a book about it, (I know, I was surprised too). Book or no however, spending a significant amount of time abroad has been such a Big Grand Hope of Bo’s and mine both individually and then, thankfully!, as a couple. Finding this to be a shared desire really fueled a fire within us to someday see it through. Interestingly, in all those early conversations about what it would look like and where we would go, we never once considered this as something to do right then, when we were sans little ones and it would undoubtedly have been easier on many fronts. Not once. We always spoke of this daydream in terms of something we wanted to do with the children we hoped someday to have, as a family.  We are now two darling little boys later and with a number of other factors coming together; on February 1, 2012 we will begin living out what was only imagined 10 years ago by boarding a plane in Denver, CO with 4 one-way tickets to Ecuador.

By sharing with you the date of departure and destination country, I have very nearly shared with you all that we concretely know we will be doing for approximately the next year of our lives. Mind-boggling, yes?!  We are jumping into this intentionally plan-less, which for those of you who know us (and by us, I mean Bo, whose favorite Christmas present to date is the Franklin Covey planner I bought him when we were engaged), know how out of character and comfort level such a leap is. And herein lies our goal: to completely shake up every single familiar thing. Our environment, routine, meal choices, language; to rattle all that is known, save the four of us, and see what the view is from there. We’re aiming to see differently. We don’t expect the perspective to be better or worse neccesarily, but we’re banking on it being different. We’re banking on it being different because we believe that’s valuable. We’re hoping the boys will learn a new language and make friends that live in homes and cultures vastly different from their own. We’re hoping to explore, and volunteer , and read, and study, and write, and dance, and eat cuy, (okay, I’m not actually committed to that but Bo and the boys promise to tell me all about it). Force ourselves out of the familiar paths we’re currently on, find that foreign is grazing our fingertips, and grab on for the ride. So there’s not much to say at this point about where we will be, just what we will be doing; we’ll be finding foreign.

   We’re inviting everyone reading this to follow along with us as we try and use this blog to translate with words and pictures and videos this adventure we’re heading into.

Hope you will join us!


Bo, Jamie, Vaughn, and Luke Stambaugh

The BEST holidays

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