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Surrey is beautiful to run in and here’s proof

I really really miss London, but I moved back to the countryside mainly for some soul time. And that’s what I get every time I step outside for a run. Shamley Green is a typically English village with a cricket pitch at its centre, the Red Lion pub overlooking it and a duck pond. But it’s most definitely got more than a hint of commuter belt, middle-classness in evidence – there is a duck feeding schedule, a beauty parlour and a hairdressers. In one village. You’ve gotta love the Home Counties. If you wish to visit, the Red Lion has rooms and there’s another really lovely pub about 150m away called the Bricklayer’s Arms. Both pubs do great food and have a wide range of beers and ales.

So here’s the run I did this morning:

A good start, imagine this with 6ft maize either side, beautiful

At the bottom of the valley there’s a stream, then we get to the disused railway line which many a cyclist, walker and runner knows and loves since it’s straight and goes on for miles and miles. Back over the stream and through some hazelnut woods. At least, I think they’re hazelnut…

Where Nutkin lives

Through the churchyard. Can you see the tiny weird tree on the horizon far far away that looks like a flower in a flower pot with two leaves? Or maybe it’s the waist up of a happy stick man.

Christ Church graveyard

On a typical run I will see not only cows, but horses, Shetland ponies, rabbits, squirrels and pheasants. No joke.

Suspicious cows

Right, you might be getting bored now so I’ll finish with the grand finale. I ran up this stupidly steep and rocky gully to get to a hill above Shamley Green and took this. In among the trees, tucked away, is my village.

Looking down over The Downs

Soon I’ll be leaving to travel the world and then London’s calling in 2013, but I’ll always come back here to get my soul food.

The BEST holidays

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