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stowe, vt: new year’s eve

I love Stowe.

It’s such a cute little town.

And an awesome ski resort (in my unknowledgeable opinion).

I do have a story for you.

We were driving down the highway, in the middle of nowhere, Vermont.

I was looking out the window, when I said, “oh my God, babe, I thought I saw a camel for a second there.”

And Mike went, “wait, I think that really is a camel. What the hell? Let’s stop the car and take a picture.”

So we stop the car and I bring out my camera to take a picture.

And the camel climbs through the fence (CLIMBS THROUGH THE FENCE!) and starts running toward me.

Like, he BOOKED IT.

He looked angry. And I got scared.

I think he wanted to eat me.

When I posted this story on Twitter and Facebook, no one seemed too concerned about my well-being.

It’s fine, I guess. Whatever.

Also, I don’t know if it’s just me, since I believe that I have seen more camels in my lifetime than the average person, considering I once lived in Israel and all, but what is a camel doing in the snow?

Mike, whose family is Egyptian (and as a result has also seen his fair share of camels), is also totally perplexed.

And why is he so furry (the camel, not Mike. Mike is surprisingly hairless for an Egyptian man. The milkman)?

Camels are not supposed to be furry, I don’t think.

Because they are supposed to be in the desert. And it’s hot in the desert. Obviously.

Anyway. Today two notable things happened: {1} I had the best waffle of my life (seriously, the Waffle Cabin – check it out), {2} I think I tore something in my left knee. I can definitely feel some knee fluid in there. Surprise, surprise.

Happy New Year, guys!

The BEST holidays

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