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Spend A Couple Days In Batesville, IN

I would like to stress upfront that this is one of those towns that is a great place to visit during the week. Some of my favorite restaurants are not open on the weekend. However, they do tend to have festivals on the weekends.

The perfect day in Batesville, Indiana begins with a trip to Schmidt’s Bakery. You can get hot fresh donuts first thing in the morning. Try their basic glazed, fritters, coffee cake or the kids favorite, donut holes! Their prices are amazing and you can get a drink here as well. After you get your goodies, wander across the parking lot to the gazebo and city square area. Pick a seat and enjoy your breakfast in peace. After you finish your breakfast take an early morning stroll around the small downtown area. Take in the beautiful German inspired architecture! Check out the statue in front of the library on North Walnut Street. Go into the library and have a look around. They open at 9am on weekdays but not until 10am on Saturday. They have large cases of antique books. They are behind glass but still fun to see. Visit Gooseberry Flower and Gift Shop next door to the library. It is a quaint store in a converted house.

Next, Visit Michaela Farm on State RD 229. The amazing farm grounds are run by the sisters of St. Franciscan. There are many plants and even honeybees. There is a small store where you can buy souvenirs such as post cards but you can also buy honey! Depending on the person this farm can take only a half hour to tour or two hours. Please take your time. It is a great place to relax and that is the point of vacation after all. If you are lucky you will get to visit when the gardens are in full bloom. There are a lot of bees here so explain to your kids up front to leave them alone and be prepared in case you or one of your children get stung.

 Take a look around downtown Oldenburg. There is a large convent, old buildings and even a cobblestone street to see. It is a neat place to look around! It is small and will not take long to see. When you are done head back to Downtown Batesville for lunch. If you are lucky enough to be here on a weekday visit The Gallery Cafe. This is a small sandwich shop. Lunch will run you under $10 a person! The best thing here is the turkey & Swiss on marble rye or a gyro with the works. They have a variety of sandwiches, soups and even a couple other goodies. If it is the weekend, have lunch at Classic Pizza. They do lunch specials during the week but their prices are still good on the weekend! Order a Pizza and a beer.

Do a little shopping! There are lots of little shops and a few big ones around town. A few to check out are: Ruth Ann’s Hallmark, Daffodilly’s Flowers & Gifts, Twice Blessed Resale and Dotty’s Bulk Food Basket Inc. Take a trip to the park! There is a large park in town with a small lake. You can fish, play tennis, walk around the park and lake, and play on the playground. The kids will enjoy this stop!

Have dinner and stay at The Sherman House. I have listed their website below. If you go to it and click on dining you can see a copy of the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The place is beautiful and a must on places to see when visiting Batesville, IN! They are one of the few choices you have for lodging. Their rooms are under a $100 a night! Catch a Movie at the Gibson theater after dinner. The Gibson is only a short stroll from The Sherman House. Talk about small town charm! This is an old one room theater! This place is also a bargain! Matinee pricing is $4 for everyone. Adult tickets are only $6 and kids and seniors are only $4! At those prices you can afford to get the whole theater experience with popcorn and a large soft drink.

 For  Breakfast on the second day I suggest you revisit the bakery! This time share a coffee cake! If you are not in the mood for a repeat visit “The Hobo Hut” and have a traditional breakfast of eggs and bacon. After Breakfast head to the YMCA and get a day pass. Spend the early part of the day swimming in the heated pool, check out the gym if you are craving some exercise, play a little basketball, and hang out with the family in the family game room.

 Have Lunch at Snikkers & Peanuts. They have diner style food. I suggest the soup and sandwich combo of the day. You simply must have dessert here! They have great pie. There is also an ice cream bar area, where you can get a hand dipped cone. All the prices here are low. Their ice cream prices are rock bottom! This is another place that is only open during the week. If it is a weekend, Have lunch at Lil’ Charlies. This is a family friendly sit down restaurant. After lunch head out for a hike in Brum woods. It is on the south side of town off of HWY 229. This is a beautiful and kid friendly place to get in touch with nature.

Pizza Haus & their fried mushrooms always make Ivy smile!

For dinner stop by the Pizza Haus. They have a family and wallet friendly menu. I suggest a steak hoagie and fried mushrooms. If you are sticking around for the evening then take a trip over to East Bowl and Lefty’s Pub for a game and a beer.

The Details:

  • Schmidt Bakery – 125 Batesville Shopping Vlg, Batesville, IN 47006 Phone: (812) 934-4501
  • Batesville Memorial Public Library – 131 North Walnut Street Phone: (812) 934-4706
  • Michaela Farm – 3127 State Rd. 229 Batesville, IN 47006  Phone: (812) 933-0661 Website:
  • Gallery Cafe – 302 E Pearl St, Batesville, IN 47006 Phone: (812) 934-2832
  • Classic Pizza – 801 Tekulve Rd, Batesville, IN Phone: (812) 934-4747
  • Gooseberry Flowers and Gifts – 209 N Walnut St, Batesville, IN Phone: (812) 934-4500
  • RuthAnn’s Hallmark – 210 Cross County Plz, Batesville, IN (812) 934-2999
  • Daffodilly’s Flowers & Gifts – 374 Northside Dr Ste B, Batesville, IN Phone: (812) 932-1284  Website:
  • Twice Blessed Resale- 147 Batesville Shopping Vlg, Batesville, IN (812) 932-1414
  • Dotty’s Bulk Food Basket Inc. – 394 Northside Dr, Batesville, IN (812) 932-1626
  • Gibson Theater – 107 N Main St.,  Batesville, IN Phone: (812) 934-3404                    Website:
  • The Sherman House Restaurant & Inn – 35 South Main Street Batesville, IN Phone: (812) 934-1000  Website:
  • Hobo Hut –1356 State Road 46 E, Batesville, IN 47006 Phone: (812) 934-5010
  • Southeastern Indiana YMCA – 30 State Road 129, Batesville Indiana 47006 Phone: (812)934-6006
  • Snikkers & Peanuts – 101 N Main St, Batesville, IN 47006 Phone: (812) 934-2201  Website:
  • Lil’ Charlie’s Restaurant –  504 E Pearl St, Batesville, IN 47006 Phone: (812) 932-6392Website:
  • Pizza Haus -104 E. Boehringer Street Batesville, IN  47006
  • East Bowl and Lefty’s Pub – Website:

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