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sleeping in seattle

I am not Meg Ryan, and if you add jet lag to that, I was sleeping in Seattle.

Not the whole time, but I was for sure not sleepless.  

This was my first time in US, and, like every time I say I won’t like it, I loved it:D

Unlike what I thought, Seattle is not only skyscrapers. The emerald city has parks, yachts, lakes and a lot of beautiful houses.

Let’s not forget they have Starbucks. Lots of them. The Starbucks business started here, and so I got to visit the first Starbucks coffee shop:) You can see it in the pictures.

They also have the Boeing factory, the biggest building in volume in the whole wide world. I went there too…and I took hundreds of pictures…I will have a special post for Boeing considering this was the main reason of my visit in the US.

And I’ll also post something about the A380 aircraft, with which I traveled, in business class.

But for now, let me tell you Americans are really nice people. The greeted me on the street, smiled at me and helped me with information. They also said they love my coat.

I didn’t like the food though, burgers are not my fave.

The BEST holidays

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