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SLC: Pushing Farther Out!

You have more time on your hands, and you want to explore what lies outside of the city?  That’s great!  Jenn and I spend a lot of time in West Valley and Provo.   Why?  Because our favorite restuarants and our ulitmate favorite climbing gym are located there respectively.  We aren’t going to sugar coat the trek out to Provo, it is long.  50 minutes, if you go when traffic is lite.  We make this journey because it is the best climbing you will find indoors.  When it’s worth the distance, you know it’s a keeper.



2494 N University Parkway
Provo, UT 84604-3859


As you can see,  there are so many options you can spend hours and hours here.  We do!  The top roping section is 32 ft high.  We didn’t do lead, but that area was 42 ft high and populated with a wide spectrum of rated routes.  Head upstairs, and boulder in a friendly environment with caves, arches,  and straight to slanted walls.  If you find that you need a chalk bag, or new shoes there is a climbing store right next door.  Sweet.

What I loved about The Quarry is that the problems and routes seemed to be geared toward honing in on technique.  The placements made you very aware of how your body is moving, what your feet are doing, and are mentally as well as physically challenging . . . I can’t express how important this is.  A gym that has 6 cracks to train on is hard to find.  We worked the dihedrals and the aretes until our forearms were pumped.



980 W 3500 S
Ste 104
West Valley City, UT 84119

From the heart of SLC to West Valley City tends to be about a 20 minute drive.  You can find a lot more variety, and laid back neighborhood eateries in the West Valley.

We were amazed and impressed with Bucket O’ Shrimp.  When you can eat right off the table, Jenn and I are in!  No silverware, no problem.  It is reminiscent of a great sports bar.  Pitchers of beer, reasonable prices and a welcoming staff.

We ordered their Cajun fries.  Yum!  The spices they use are really hearty.

Your order comes in bags, and they provide a bucket for your scraps.

We went ahead and went a little nuts when we saw what other tables had ordered.  There is a 3 step ordering process where you choose what you’re gonna eat, the flavoring, and then how spicy you want it.   We decided on 2 pounds of crawfish, 1 pound of shrimp- both Lemon Pepper and Hot (3 flames), an order of fries, two orders of steamed rice, and a basket of fried shrimp.  I know, nuts.

Dug in hard.  Jenn managed to come out clean on the other side.  Some of us weren’t so lucky.  I am too ashamed to show you the mess I made of myself.  I was feverish and delirious in my spicy shrimp nirvana.  Check out Bucket O’ Crawfish for a good time.

The BEST holidays

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