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Singapore Bound

Well – we made it. Mostly in 1 piece. I’d like to say it was a breeze, but in all honesty it was quite the opposite. Actually, the flight to Singapore totally sucks lol – BUT, worth it nonetheless – beautiful area, amazing food & gorgeous weather – well worth the rough trip over.

We missed our flight from Tokyo to Singapore due to a late landing from LA, but it was really a good thing since we were able to get on a flight with Singapore Air – the most amazing airline ever. When have you ever seen a plane like this?!

Anyone considering a trip to this part of the world – pay the higher ticket prices for Singapore Air – its worth it.

I’ll be uploading photos to the Flickr account for those who don’t want to wait for blog posts, but I don’t expect to be online much since we want to spend as much time OUT as we possibly can. Here are a few from our flight over.

More to come soon.

P.S. Dim sum rocks.

The BEST holidays

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