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Singapore bak Ku Teh

the famous bak ku teh shop–we estimated its sales revenues to be in the millions

I was quite excited to visit this little shop that has served over 1 million bowls of this herbal style pork bone soup since it opened in 1988.  I was especially excited to visit it because it made news in HK when it refused to serve the chief executive of HK, Donald Tsang because he went during its off hours.  The next time Donald Tsang was in Singapore, he made a mental note to visit this shop during its operational hours and finally tried the broth, haha.

I am not sure if I am not quite adapted to the Southeast Asian tastes yet or what, but I actually don’t think it’s anything special.  Aside from the pork knuckle dish that I really enjoyed, I was disappointed with the famous star dish, the bak ku teh.  I think it was too peppery and salty, I just keep dunking the fried dough into the soup and slurp it up.  My friend keeps saying it’s too peppery and he keeps drinking it till the last drop, lol.

highlighting this braised pork knuckle dish, the meat was tender and the sauce was very good

my bak ku teh lunch with an impatient companion

There really are a lot of tourists that visited the shop, while eating or lining up for a table, I see millions of cameras just flashing, I actually felt kind of weird over this experience.  I like the Malaysian style bak ku teh better, with the herbal soup flavor, yummy.



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