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Santa Cruz

How do you describe a week in Santa Cruz, CA?  It finally occurred to me that a video would be the best answer, and so here is a slideshow of some of my photos from this trip.  The music of Pat Humphries, of Emma’s Revolution, “Swimming to the Other Side”  is one of my favorites.

The seals, egrets, otters, pelicans, gulls, Monarch butterflies, banana slugs, redwoods, jellyfish, dragonfish, sea turtle, seahorse and patterned rocks will all be dancing their way into new Icons.  The women who housed, fed, transported, nurtured and guided me while I was there have already become true soul sisters and have danced into my heart.  Thank you Diana, Ellen, Felicity, Jess, Majio and Ursi.  You all inspire me.

The BEST holidays

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