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Sand Fun in San Juan, Puerto Rico

“Puerto Rico is beautiful and it’s great because they accept American money and speak English, but you forget you’re in America while you’re there.” – Charlie from the airport bar

I love airport bars for two reasons…

Reason 1: Everybody there is either going somewhere or on their way home – so you automatically have that in common.

Reason 2: “Are you going somewhere or are you on your way home?” is a great ice-breaker!

When I sat at the bar I told Charlie I was going to San Juan and that was the first thing he said. How exciting to hear that when you’re going somewhere you’ve never been before. Not only did I learn about the best restaurants to go to in Puerto Rico (Conrad’s in Old San Juan), but also great sites to visit.


I’m going to post about the trip and the fun events here and about the drinks in another post.

Stayed At: Wyndham Rio Beach Resort & Spa 

Amenities: Beautiful beach views, 2 outdoor pools, 2 outdoor hot tubs, gift shop sell beer and liquor, cabana rentals, basketball courts, tennis courts, bonfire pit, pool bar, beach, volleyball in & out pool, golf course, open field for sports, on site car rental, on $ite casino and restaurants, bars, wifi in lobby, many ballrooms/convention centers, shuttle bus to other sites on property

Positives: Clean, large resort many places to relax and explore, iguanas come close enough to touch, you can be on the beach at any time (even though it says 5pm, you can be out there whenever), can be in pool/hot tub at any time, friendly staff, relax atmosphere,

Negatives: EXPENSIVE!!!, not much to do/see outside hotel amenities, everything closes at 2 (except beach and pool), sand fleas in the rooms bite, no wifi in the rooms, and renting movies for &16.99 is not worth it.

Puerto Rico – click here for more pictures and sites!

Suggestions: Rent a car, visit El yunque (swim in the waterfall and hike up the trail!), when you get to the waterfall instead of staying where the majority of the tourists are go to the right and use the rocks as stepping stones to go two levels lower… you will find you’re own personal waterfall/grotto. If you have a gaming console and like to play bring it, the TV’s allow for the hookup.

It rains A LOT, it’s random, it’s hard, and it doesn’t last long. Bring an umbrella or a poncho.

Try to eat outside the hotel is you don’t want you’re wallet to come back flatter than an unlucky iguana crossing the highway (and the driving there is… let’s go with exciting and spontaneous). A great place close to the hotel is called Antojitos they have a wonderful lunch special, breakfast is great, and the dinner is good too and all very affordable. At the hotel breakfast buffet is $24/person and dinner buffet is $35/person.

If you’re prepared to go on a 2 hour trek you can visit La Cueva Clara a legitimate cave with bats, stalactites, stalagmites, a river running under and an audio tour with an guide through it. Also Dark Knight was filmed there. About a hour and a half walking tour choc full of trivia at $15/person

Use your car to drive into Old San Juan and visit the shops, the docks, and the defense port. 

Buy a 12 pack outside the hotel at Ralph’s on highway 3 (right near the hotel) for $10.99 or pay $16 at the hotel for a 6 pack…

All in all it was a fantastic. I would go again. Heck! I’d live there. I know some Spanish. While most of the people there are bi-lingual it’s still good to know some just in case. Here’s a short list of some of the Spanish you’ll probably want to know heading in.

Hablas inglés? – Do you speak english

Donde esta baño? – Where’s the bathroom

Tienes bañ0? – Do you have a bathroom

Donde esta la fiesta? – Where’s the party

Me duele en me cabeza – My head hurts

Mas cervezas por favor- More beers please!

Queremos a la playa – We want to go to the beach

izquierda – Left

Derecha – Right

Salida – Exit

Este – East

Oeste- West

Calle- Street

Puedo- Can I …

Donde es- Where is…

Use those few tips and you should find yourself having a great time in Puerto Rico!

Learn about the Puerto Rican rums here

The BEST holidays

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