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Salzburg: a Surprise Side Trip

The next morning, Erik and I called Orbitz a few more times to the tune of $2 a minute and went and hopped a train to Salzburg. Riding on the train through the German countryside was wonderful.

Salzburg is situated picturesquely on the northern edge of the Alps. In addition to being the birthplace of Mozart, it was also the setting for parts of The Sound of Music.

As soon as we arrived, we stumbled upon an internet cafe where we were able to successfully skype Orbitz and get both of our flights changed to Friday, which would give us two full days in Salzburg. While there, I hunted down reviews on Salzburg hotels and decided that the family runHotel Trumer-Stube sounded delightful. Turns out, I had just the right feeling because it exceeded our expectations.

Situated within Salzburg’s “Old Town,” our hotel was run by the charming Marianne, who exclaimed when I came in from running the next morning, “Ooooh no way! You are AWESOME!” in her charming and sweet accent. She is the only person I happened upon in Bavaria who not only knew what “awesome” meant, but used it. You have no idea how many blank stares I received upon using my California girl vernacular.

Photo Credit: Erik Moore

Our room was complete with window boxes full of real flowers and, as Salzburg is renown as a classical music center, the delicate sounds of classical instruments wafting through the sunlit panes.

Photo Credit: Erik Moore

Salzburg’s “Old Town” (Altstadt), which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is renown for it’s baroque architecture and is one of the best-preserved city centres north of the Alps. Altstadt features cobblestone pedestrian only tiny streets filled with outdoor cafes, shopping, museums, music and fountains, all under the panorama of the Alps, along the edge of the River Salzag and the watchful domineering eye of the Hohensalzburg Castle.

Photo Credit: Erik Moore

At Marianne’s suggestion, Erik and I decided to venture up to the castle the long way, planning to stay the evening above the city and attend a Mozart concert. On our way there we stopped in Old Town for an unremarkable lunch and wandered through the tiny streets.

Photo Credit: Erik Moore

The Hohensalzburg Castle is one of the oldest and largest Medieval castles in Europe. The castle was built in 1077 and started as a small outpost. Over the course of the next century, it was gradually expanded upon until it became what stands today. Fun fact: during the early 20th century it was used a prison, holding Italian prisoners during World War I and nazi activists in the 1930s.

Erik and I spent the evening wandering around the castle, which gave him plenty of time to get pictures of Salzburg below us and a view of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Photo Credit: Erik Moore

We sat at the castle and wasted time drinking wine and chatting until the concert started. It took place in Golden Hall, a magnificently decorated portion of the Royal Chambers. The 17 meter long beam that supported the ceiling was decorated with the coats of arms from the Holy Roman Empire, along with other powerful German towns and bishoprics with connections to Salzburg. The concert was a great experience though after a few glasses of wine, it was lulling the entire audience into dreamland.

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