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Safe in Brooklyn-Day 1




After having 4 exams…in 3 days…i hopped on a plan and arrived safely in New York yesterday morning! I had a 1 hour flight to Milwaukee, and a 2 hour flight to LGA New York. The second one was a little bumpy…but I was smiling the whole time, so really it didn’t bother me much.

Once I landed, got my bags, and found a seat. I waited for my man. He came around the corner and I was instantly nervous! It was really funny…he said he thought the same thing…like we were starting from new, like we just started dating. It was pretty darn cute. He had flowers (oh boy!), which were a complete pleasant surprise for me! I loved it! And I could hear the girls I was sitting next to sigh and “aw” as I jumped up to hug him.

{{{Let me just interject here and say that I offer a large appology to all those in my past, present and future, who have OR will, eat my hair during a hug. It’s just unavidable…i mean, look at it. This reunion was no exception:) }}}

We got in our, specially ordered car (woweee!), and drove about 30 minutes to get to Brooklyn, where Mr. E resides. It was great weather, and we made it to his stoop in no time! I won’t go into details, but it is a very humble little place. Especially his bedroom, with only a sky window, and sized at about 5 ft x 5 ft. I still love it. After some time reuniting, E packed up his laundry in a suitcase, and we walked about 5 blocks to the BUBBLES building. He read a little and translated the conversations of the spanish speakers near by for my entertainment, while I struggled to not fall asleep (3 hours of sleep and a day of traveling tends to make the eyes droop, eh?). Around 4, E went off to class, and I hit the bed, and didn’t wake until he was back around 9pm! We finished the night with some “How I met your mother”, snuggling, and this morning we were “up” at 6:30! We showered, had some eggs, took the metro from Brooklyn to Manhattan (that reminds me, in my determination to not get sick…I should probably wash my hands after that). And now I’m snuggled up in a corner of the NYU library with my guest pass and the internet code until E comes back to fetch me after class once more!

It’s supposed to rain all day, but it’s still almost 70 degrees. The sweat I accumulated after the trek here is finally drying, YES. But it’s perfect crappy weather for E to spend lots of time in the library, with me staring at him and trying to hold his hand while he types. And we don’t even have to feel guilty about it, cause i’m still here for 7 more days! Yipee! That leaves many minutes to explore the city.

Wonder what my classes are doing right now…hehehe:)


The BEST holidays

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