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Sacred Valley Ruins I: Moray

In September we spent two weekends traveling throughout the Sacred Valley on the Tourist Ticket (you buy it once and it lasts for 10 days and you get to get into several ruins and some museums here).

We’re going to be sharing photos of each ruin with you starting with the ruins of Moray.  Experts believe that Moray was an agricultural site of the Incas.  With the wind and sun their is a big difference in temperature on each level and so it was thought that the Incas planted different crops on each one to maximize their growth.

Anyway…it was our first ruin of the week and it was impressive.  Enjoy.

On the road to Moray.

Kenzo and me, enjoying the view.

Lots of sheep and a few pig grazing in the valley.


These are the stairs that the Incas used to climb up and down these different levels. Although they do not look like it, they are really wide and we got tired climbing all the way down to the center and back up. It's amazing how they probably did this daily.

The stairs again.

and again.

Kenzo . . .

and me . . . enjoying the scene.

More grazing.

And old man walking along the top of the cliff that was by the side of the road to Moray.

Passing by some ladies at work.

As well as some ninos, walking their pigs.

The view on the ride home was even better.

More ruins to come this week!

The BEST holidays

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