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RyanAir… Duct Tape Without a Prayer

Considering the extremes in temperature outside of an aircraft, and 600 mph winds whipping past the cockpit – seems a little strange that anyone would duct tape a window in place on an aircraft. Duct tape is amazing stuff…

But not that amazing.

Ryanair Flight Aborted After Tape On Window Comes Loose

The latest of European budget airline Ryanair’s fails falls under the “oh dear God” category.

A Ryanair flight from London’s Stansted airport to Riga, Latvia was aborted 20 minutes after takeoff after a tape on a window came loose and started making “alarming noises.”

The tape was fastened around the edges of a windscreen in the cockpit, which had been put on by ground crew before take off, the Telegraph reports, which was being used as a precaution to secure a new window seal.

Anthony Neal, a passenger from Kent, told The Sun: “We were kept in the dark, and were terrified. I could see guys taping in the windscreen with what looked like duct tape or gaffer tape. We were in the sky, then the pilot said due to damage on the windscreen, we were going to have to turn back.”

The flight, which was carrying 200 people, was forced to turn around. Ryanair insists passengers and crew were in no danger during the incident. A spokesman told the Telegraph: “We do not comment on routine technical issues. All Ryanair flights operate in accordance with approved safety standards.”

The Irish Aviation Authority told the Daily Mail that they were satisfied with the ground crew’s decision to add tape to the window, adding that it should last up to seven days. A spokesman said: “All the maintenance was carried out in line with the correct procedures. The pilot took the correct action by returning to base.”

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