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Run-a-thon for kartuzija3D … result: SUCCESS

38:59 for 5 miles ( 8km )!

My run went great today. I’m very proud of my result. I hope that I have given YOU YOU a reason to consider my request for your money for this unique project, kartuzija3D (think: history book meets video game).

Pledge your support.

Three weeks ago it was suggested to me to do a run-a-thon to gain support and attention for our project, to make the fundraising task more palatable for everyone, and I liked the idea. I figured that people could more easily relate to running-for-money than interactive-digital-media-for-money. So the Run-a-thon for kartuzija3D was initiated.

The fundamental rule: 5 miles in under 8.5 min/mile which means less than 42.5 minutes total. Though I used to be a runner a long time ago, I have run only infrequently since 2005, so 5 miles at this pace was a legitimate challenge, especially with only 19 days to train and I’m 40.

Since I started this Run-a-thon 3 weeks ago I have received only 3 pledges, and one promise … I hope that the golden rule will be in effect though: Pledge Your Support for kartuzija3D.

The BEST holidays

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